Participate in Our Research

Participate in Our Research

The Advanced Learning Technologies Lab is often looking for passionate educators who are interested in participating in ongoing research.  In virtually all cases we provide free access to cutting edge Educational Technologies and the support you need to use them effectively.  The list below gives more information about the research projects we are currently recruiting for and includes a form you can use to apply to be part of a study. 

K12 Research

Our current K-12 Research focuses on the power of technology-assisted peer-assessment to support development of core transferable skills

Higher Ed Research

Our current Higher Ed Research focuses on the potential of technology-assisted peer-assessment to measure development of transferable skills at scale

K-12 Research

To respect the time of educators, it is critical that new educational technologies be evidence-based at the highest level.  From our perspective that means two things

  • First, the technology should deliver educational processes that have a research base supporting their efficacy when used on their own.  That is, the educational processes upon which the technology is built must be evidence based

  • Second, the technology itself should then be subject to research assessing both its efficacy and usability. 

We have created a technology termed peerScholar which brings together three evidence-based educational processes; peer-assessment, self-assessment and the formative provision and reception of feedback.  These processes were woven into a large process that was designed, based on education theory, to support the development of transferable skills like critical thought, creative thought, and clear effective communication.

The efficacy and usability of peerScholar has been established at the Higher Education level, and we have also established the students with the K-12 system like using and see its potential value, but we feel more direct research on efficacy is needed at the K-12 level.

We would like to invite you to participate in this research.  We have provided two simple experimental hypotheses and designs below.  We are looking for passionate educators willing to try peerScholar in the context of one of the stated designs.  We will provide free and unlimited access to the technology for a year, and will also provide support for on-boarding and during its implementation.  If either of these designs interest you, then please use the application form below to indicate your interest.  Thank you!